Running Snail Chp 5


OPENING COMMENTS: The Protagonist, Ve nam is not one to love easily or quickly, but when she does it’s with her whole being. Neither, is she one to wear her emotions on her sleeve. She persevere and endure, and you will continue to see this throughout the story, but especially In this chapter when she is confronted with  her past, and the painful reminders of what once was. I fell in love with Luc song in this chapter. His flimsy though valid excuse for butting his head into Ve Nam’s business was transparent when he completed his given task, but continued to be attentive to Ve Nam throughout the night and following morning. He teased and baited her in order to pull her out of her gloomy mood, and it worked when she regained her spirit enough to mock and teased him back. He doesn’t ask, or pry into her past, he’s just present and there as a supportive hand if she needed and this is why Luc Song is BAE, enough said.

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Running Snail Chp 4



OPENING COMMENTS: Your translator, has been one productive lady this week! I usually upload a new release on Monday, since I do the bulk of my translation during the weekend, when I actually have time to spare, but my first wedding anniversary is this Sunday, and I wanted my weekend free, so instead, I cranked in a couple hours everyday before work this week to complete this chapter for you guys. Which is why its coming to you today instead of the usual scheduled program, but do not expect this to be routine, do not set yourself up for disappointment like that 🙂 lol!!

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Running Snail Chp 3


OPENING COMMENTS: Here is Chapter 3 guys, thanks for the patience! I was still recovering from the translation of chapter two last week, which is why there was no new release. I decided to take a week off, to be a lazy bum and do nothing but eat and catch up on my novels/webtoons. Ideally, I wish to release a chapter weekly, but I’m a capricious creature, who functions, depend on their mood, and often times my default mood is laziness 😕. Although, I have not been completely idle, I come to you today, well 10 days later, with chapter 3.  I have to say chapter 3 was a blessing and a relief to translate, it was much easier and shorter. More then that, I do think I’m getting better at this translating business, yes I’m tooting my own horn 😋. Boy, do I hope the remaining chapters will be just as short. 6 pages per chapter is more than adequate, I think. In this chapter, several important characters are introduced, so keep and eye out for that, they will play an important role throughout the story. On another note, I will be listening to a new Vietnamese audio book soon (titled, So what, you are my student), it’s a Chinese modern romance novel about a student teacher romance (FYI:both legal consenting adults), if I find myself enjoying the novel, I may decide to translate it after Running Snail. I have high expectations for the novel so hopefully it’ll meet or exceed them. Anyway, Enjoy reading guys, kindly leave a comment so I know people are reading or caring or even enjoying the story, thanks!😘😘😚. 

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Running Snail Chp 2.1


Ve nam and luc song 003digital

Translator Opening Comments: Chapter two is long, so it will be broken up into 2 parts, it was also a harder chapter to translate, there were lots of analogy and expressions I did not recognize. The first paragraph was the hardest part of this chapter to translate, I spent hours trying to understand the analogy the author used but to my disappointment neither I, google translate, or my mother was much help. In the end, I decided to omitted it from the paragraph, it will neither hinder nor confuse the story if is. I will update the translation if and when I am able to do so but until that happens, I am leaving it as is. In chapter 2, we get to finally meet the mysterious Luc Song, as well as glimpsing into the childhood friendship of Luc Song and Ve Nam. I would love to hear from you guys so please leave a comment saying HI or introducing yourself, that would really be sweet!! With that said, please enjoy!! 

As a brief disclaimer, my translation will not be exactly precise, there is some paraphrasing in use. Please refer back to my translator intro in chapter 1 for further information on my method. 

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Running Snail Novel Review


Running Snail by 蝶之灵 , 2009 , Completed.
Genre: Romance, Josie, Slice of life
Rating: 4 stars

I started out this review intending it to be short and concise, but after 2 pages I think I will have to revoke my claim on that one, so sorry guys you’re in for a read. If you did not know, I am currently doing the translation of Running Snail from the Vietnamese source. I should’ve posted my review of Running Snail before the release of the first chapter but I did the translation way before I even started on the review. Also with the way I write, it could’ve taken me a few days to weeks before I finished it, and as impatient as I am, I did not want to wait that long before I release the first chapter. As a disclaimer, this will be a thorough review, so it may contain spoilers. 

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A little Introduction


My first blog post, what do I write? Well I guess it would only be appropriate to first introduce myself and explain why I decided to open up a blog. So here I go, hi my name is Kieu, or Kieu Kieu (pronounced like the letter Q).  I’m an avid fiction reader, audio book listener and overall an enthusiast for a good story. Reading is my preferred choice of entertainment. Generally I gravitate towards books that fall within the young adult spectrum but fantasy, sci-fi, and romance genres are ones I often seek out the most as well. The books I’ve read have amounted to a ridiculous amount especially if you include the DNF ones as well which happens more often than not, and  If I’m to be honest  I’ve become quite the picky reader over these past few years. I think this is partly due to the fact that I’ve become less ardent about the need to finish a book regardless of how much I dislike it. Presently however I have absolutely no qualms about leaving a book unfinished. There are just way too many books and stories out there to indulge myself in for me to waste time and effort on a book I find no pleasure in. But I digress, this blog will accomplish a couple things for me, one is to keep track of the books I’ve read and loved, and secondly to gather and share my thoughts on one platform. So here’s to my first blog post and for many more to come! Thanks for stopping by!!